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Harrisville borough council this month approved the proposed 2012 budgets and took action to advertise the availability of the budgets to be reviewed at the borough office. Secretary Linda Wegner read the proposed budget for the sanitary sewer system fund, highway fund, fire tax fund and general fund.

The general fund budget does not have any real estate tax increase and the sanitary sewer system fund budget has a proposed $1 per EDU per month increase for 2012.

Action was taken to approve roughly $8,800 from borough funds to pay for change orders for the CBG sidewalks and curb cuts project.

Council also sent a newsletter asking residents to write to U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly (108 E. Diamond St., Butler 16001; 724-282-2557; and Lawrence McLane Jr. at the U.S. Postal Service at Pittsburgh, asking them to help keep the local post office open.

Council adopted a storm water management ordinance at the Nov. 7 meeting after a public hearing. No residents attended the hearing and there were no comments or questions. The borough will get bids for infiltration repairs needed for the sanitary sewer system.

Council approved the police department getting required updates, and purchasing some uniform items.

Council also accepted the resignation of Carolina Holtz, office clerk, effective Dec. 31.

-- Did you know that Willie's Smoke House, at 562 S. Main St., Harrisville, was voted by Allied News readers as Best of the Best in Retail Meats for 2011? We extend congratulations to all the hard-working employees at the store, and to all who voted for Willie's Smoke House.

--  The Harrisville United Methodist Church band practices each Sunday after the morning service. They encourage all who play an instrument to join in making a joyful noise each week.

The Young Believers Choir meets at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday. Children of all ages are invited to participate. If your child needs help reading, a parent must accompany him/her to choir practice.

There are other activities for children too. Each Sunday, Kids Club meets from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The children learn how to be excited about Jesus by playing games, learning memory verses, and singing about God's love. There are crafts and stories.

Beginning in January there will be a children's message each week from the pastor. Each child through fifth grade will be invited downstairs for a continuing lesson. There will be an adult teacher and a youth helper working with the children

Congratulations and best wishes to all our readers who celebrated birthdays and anniversaries for November:

Harrisville United Methodist Church

Birthdays -- Isaac Hastings, Cheston Yard, Dixie Hogue, Aaron Miller, Hannah Fryman, Rick Bixler, George McQuiston, Jeff Knox, Bill Brown, Nevada Kelly, Sam Bratschie Jr., Diane Thompson, Alan Renshaw, Carter Hastrings, Annie Ansell, Becca Harris, Mary Beth Miller, Matthew Kahay, Tara Codispot, Bill Hagan, Keith Burton, Larry Stalker, Ron Miller, Tara Arblaster, Jason Shields, Chris Rider, Tricia Pollard, Kelli Snyder and Tom Upton.

Anniversaries -- Tony and Joanie Kearney, Rodger and Debby Knight, Scott and Tricia Pollard, Tracey and Becky Curtis, Bill and Neva Johnston and Todd and Tory Vaughn.

Forestville and St. John's United Methodist Churches

Birthdays -- Russell Hogue, Don Greenway, Sue Bumbaco, Chad Grossman, Josh Rock, Josephine Miller, Cynthia Carrara, Sherry Hanna, Brienne Michaels, Brooke Tenney, Ryan Broad, Dianna Kelly, Shirley Fell, Jennifer Rock and John Miller.

Anniversaries: Frank and Megan Fenush, Rusty and Shelly Hogue, Bob and Marilyn Griffith, Bill ad Barbara Rock, Bernie and Shirley Fell and Dave and Debby Fye.

Calvary Orthodox #Presbyterian Church

Birthdays: Erin Speer, Sam Montest, Barbara Carr, Oriana Anderson, Joan Fry, Wesley Carr, Edwin Young Jr., Rachel Puliatti, Kathy Blair, Jerry Blair, Lindsay Vinca, Sara Greenway, Pastor Peter Puliatti, Elizabeth Bennett, Hope Kline, Bob McCandless and Kenai Anderson.

Anniversaries: James and Lori Kline, Jerry and Tammy Blair, and Shawn and Faith Fedor.

West Unity Community Church

Birthdays: Eleanor Mathias, Mallory Johnston, Maxine Gilmore, Mary Lou Bowser, Jackie Sanguigni, Kody Hindman, Kenneth Spencer, Pam Fry, Jeannie Daubenspeck and Natalie Hindman.

Anniversaries: Ada and Paul Book and Rose and Bob Cokain (missed in September.)

Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church in America

Birthdays: John Vouga, Cathy McCoy, Cecilie Melvin, George Sidley, Emma Fleming, Sam Humphrey and Elizabeth Melvin.

Calendar of Coming Events

Dec. 2: Hanging of the Greens at Harmony Presbyterian Church, 6:15p.m. featuring a buffet of potluck Christmas favorites.

Dec. 3: Women's Christmas party at Rocky Springs Church, 12 noon.

Dec. 4: Christmas Greeting Center will be open at Harmony Presbyterian Church. Those who attend regularly may take greeting cards until Dec. 14. If you attend less than a couple Sundays or are homebound, please use the Postal Service.

Dec. 4: Deadline for placing orders for poinsettias in memory or in honor of an individual at Harmony Church.

Dec. 9-10: Live Nativity scenes at Harrisville United Methodist Church, 6 to 9 p.m. each evening.

Dec. 18: Youth Group Christmas Party at HUMC, 6 to 8 p.m.

Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Christmas Cantata, "Mary, Did You Know" will be presented at Harmony Presbyterian Church

Dec. 30: Soup Night at Harmony Presbyterian Church, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

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