Church sign right on score

The Skowhegan Federated Church sign that Friday predicted the precise score of the New England Patriots 37-31 win over the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday.


SKOWHEGAN, Maine – Pastor Mark Tanner doesn’t claim spiritual clairvoyance.  Nevertheless he’s under pressure for his Super Bowl score in the aftermath of his precise prognosis of the New England Patriots 37-31 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday.

Two days before the Patriots AFC championship win, he had this message posted to the billboard outside his Skowhegan Federated Church: “God doesn’t have a favorite team but the pastor does!! Patriots 37, Chiefs 31.”

The explicit projection of the outcome went viral Monday much like winning Powerball numbers. And small wonder. The American Gaming Association estimates more than $4.76 billion was bet on last year’s Super Bowl.

Rev. Tanner said he is not inspired by divine intervention even if prospective Super Bowl LIII bettors from near and far think otherwise.

But he does believe his Patriots will win their sixth Lombardi Trophy as NFL champions on Feb. 3 against the Los Angeles Rams.

The score?

That’s something he’s keeping to himself for now.