- Grove City, Pennsylvania

January 31, 2013

STAIRWAY TO 7: Some Super Bowl thoughts

By Corey J. Corbin
Allied News Sports Columnist

OPINION — HERE ARE SOME Super Bowl thoughts from a guy, who will be watching the big game from the comfy confines of his own home for the first time since the Steelers beat Arizona many moons ago.

ä How awkward will it be to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this week as he heads to the epicenter of the Spygate scandal?

I’d have to imagine Goodell won’t be as comfy as I will be, but I was glad to see he was knocked down a peg in the aftermath of Spygate.

I don’t remember seeing professional sports executive power trip as much as he has since he took over for Paul Tagliabue.

Fans don’t like him and it’s apparent the players don’t either.

Sadly, the owners appear to fully support him, so I don’t think he’ll be going anywhere.

ä How much of a hit has Ray Lewis taken just by leading his team to the Super Bowl?

A few weeks ago, it seemed like Lewis was the toast of the town, but when the Ravens upset New England in the AFC title game, it dredged up some long buried memories of Lewis and his role in a murder.

I understand he has worked tirelessly to rehab his image to the point where we as the American public largely forgot about him obstructing justice back in the day.

Now, you have no choice but to remember with all kinds of talking heads rehashing a decade-old story for us each and every day.

Let me get this off my chest, I don’t like Ray Lewis, but I respect the heck out of his football talents. It’s the same way with Tom Brady.

In both cases, I hate the player not the game.

ä One player I have become captivated by is San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching him dismantle Green Bay and Atlanta in the NFC tourney.

I was shocked with how well he handled the pressure of making his playoff debut against the Packers. I definitely didn’t see that coming.

ä The Pro Football Hall of Fame will find out who it’s newest members will be this weekend and I won’t hide the fact that I’m eagerly anticipating the announcement of who made it in.

I, in fact, may have to make a hotel reservation if Jerome Bettis is inducted.

Since JB retired after the Steelers beat Seattle almost 8 years ago, I’ve been waiting for him to be inducted and have planned on making the voyage to Canton to witness my all-time favorite Steelers’ induction ceremony.

I think this will be his year.

ä Bettis’ hall of fame class will include Warren Sapp, Michael Strahan, Jonathan Ogden and Bill Parcells.

I think it’ll be a shame that Cris Carter still doesn’t make it in, while Art Modell is also seventh on my list of the 15 finalists.

ä Speaking of predictions, I already told you last week that I was going with San Francisco, so I’ll give you the score ... 49ers 31, Baltimore 14.

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