- Grove City, Pennsylvania

February 13, 2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS: It's no surprise the Paterno family report rejects Freeh study

By Corey J. Corbin
Allied News Sports Columnist

OPINION — IS ANYONE SURPRISED that the Paterno family’s private investigation into the Jerry Sandusky scandal painted Joe Paterno in a more positive light than the Freeh Report?

I’m certainly not.

I can’t remember if I put pen to paper back when the Paternos announced they were going to fund their own investigation into the matter, but it didn’t surprise me this second looksy would back their assertion that JoePa was an unknowing participant.

I know the Freeh Report had its own flaws and loopholes, but this much we know, Joe Paterno knew much more than he later let on and did nothing.

This was a man who reportedly was in on every decision made down to the color of shoe laces his players wore, but we’re to believe he didn’t know of an investigation of Sandusky’s behavior back in the late 1990s.

If you believe that, I have some prime real estate for you.

With the Paternos releasing the findings of this second investigation, all they are doing is re-opening one-year-old wounds in Happy Valley.

Bill O’Brien and the Nittany Lions had gone a long way last fall to easing some of those wounds with their play on the field and more healing would’ve occurred had more news of the scandal not come out.

Instead in their quest to salvage JoePa’s good name, the Paterno family showed they were just as pigheaded and egotistical as the patriarch of their family.

Way to let sleeping dogs lie guys; way to go.

ä Who’s excited about Spring Training getting under way?

I am.

Baseball -- along with the basketball -- will help get me through the next five months until the Steelers start practicing for the 2013 season in Latrobe.

If it weren’t for the Pirates and basketball, I wouldn’t have anything available for me to get my sports fix.

Speaking of the Buccos, I’m not going to go into too much detail about my thoughts about them here, but I don’t think there’s much of a chance of them ending up above .500 this year.

ä We’ve got about a month left until the NCAA men’s basketball tournament gets under way and with that, we will soon be filling out our office pool brackets.

Has there ever been a year where the tourney will be so wide open? Is this the year where a No. 16 seed finally beats a No. 1?

Probably not, but this most definitely could be one of those years where no No. 1 seeds make the Final Four.

Parity has been the word this year and it seems like the No. 1 ranked team is losing every week.

Well, they actually have recently been falling left and right.

All of which will make an already exciting tournament even more exciting.

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