- Grove City, Pennsylvania

February 20, 2013

Boggs, Greggs drive Lakeview to the playoffs

By Corey J. Corbin
Allied News Sports Correspondent

MERCER COUNTY AREA — The Lakeview School District isn’t one of the biggest school districts around.

It pulls its students mainly from three communities — Jackson Center, Stoneboro and Sandy Lake — for the right to play Class AA basketball.

Yet, the Tri-Cities have more to celebrate in 2013 with seniors Dalton Boggs and Casey Greggs both scoring their 1,000th career points over the past few months than some bigger school districts in Western Pennsylvania.

“We don’t have a big pool of kids,” Lakeview coach Gary Burke related to Sharon Herald assistant sports editor Ed Farrell recently. “We don’t have a YMCA, we don’t have open-enrollment. We have kids who come to our school district who want to put in the time and effort each day in our gym each and ever day, and it’s really paid off for them.”

It has been widely mentioned that Boggs and Greggs, who have been best friends since first grade, are perhaps among the greatest classmate duos to grace Mercer County courts in decades and for both to reach the 1,000-point milestone in the same season is relatively unheard of.

“You don’t see it much obviously,” said Greggs, who is the son of Bill and Polly Greggs. “The fact that we could do it together means so much to me. We’ve played together since first grade and have been best friends. For both of us to get 1,000 points is awesome. He plays for me and I play for him. He’s my right hand and I’m his.”

The bond between the two was forever documented when a spectator captured Greggs being the first to congratulate his buddy when Boggs nailed a three-pointer against Sharpsville last week for his milestone.

“It felt great,” said Boggs, who is the son of current Lakeview assistant Larry and Amanda Boggs. “(Casey) is my best friend. We’ve been playing together since we were in first grade. It means that much more to me to be in the club with him and that he was the first one there.

“(Scoring his 1,000th point) was something that I was working towards for my whole life. I wanted it to be a three. That’s how I’ve always pictured it. I thought it was a cool way to get it.”

Both Boggs and Greggs have spent the entire 2012-13 season knowing they would likely reach the plateau and have dealt with the pressures of that knowledge.

“Before you hit it, it’s in the back of your mind that you’re getting closer and closer,” Greggs said. “Once you get it, it’s like a monkey off your back. It’s a great feeling when that shot goes through. There’s nothing like it.”

With the pressure of Boggs and Greggs reaching 1,000th points as well as securing Burke’s 200th win, the Sailors can turn their attention to what both hope will be a long playoff run and maybe a third crack at Region 2AA rival West Middlesex in the D-10 title game?

“(Reaching 1,000 points) was one of our personal goals, but for me and Casey both, we want much more,” Boggs said. “We want to go deeper into the playoffs and see if we can make a state playoff run. The 1,000 points were nice to have.”