- Grove City, Pennsylvania

December 6, 2012

STAIRWAY TO 7: Remember when the Steelers-Ravens rivalry as more intense?

By Corey J. Corbin
Allied News Sports Columnist

OPINION — I SAW A MUCH better performance out of the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday afternoon.

They actually acted like they didn’t like the Baltimore Ravens.

What you thought I was talking about them having 5 fewer turnovers than what they gift wrapped Cleveland a week ago?

All kidding aside, the Steelers acted like they didn’t like the Ravens -- I don’t know a single Black and Gold fan that does.

Yet, the players, themselves, don’t harbor the same hostility we do as evidenced by several Steelers approaching and joking around with Ed Reed while medical personnel treated Jerricho Cotchery in the two teams’ meeting at Heinz Field almost three weeks ago.

Or how about Ryan Clark entering a victorious Ravens lockerroom and pretending to be a journalist by sticking a tape recorder into Reed’s face during an interview with real media members.

I personnally watched several Steelers including Ike Taylor and Clark spend the entire stoppage in play with Reed -- like I already mentioned -- instead of meeting with teammates or checking on their fallen commrade.

That’s not something I want to see or expect to see out of my Pittsburgh Steelers -- fraternizing with the Ratbirds.

Does anyone remember when Joey Porter wanted to fight Ray Lewis after a game back in the early part of the decade?

Now that’s a Steeler we should continue to hold near and dear to our heart.

But apparently, that was a different era when the Steelers — like their fans — really did hate the Ravens with a passion.

“Visiting their locker room right after the game? Nobody I played with would ever do that,” another former Steeler Dwayne Washington told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.“I didn’t even want to know what their locker room looked like. But you know, different time, different era.”

“Much as I love Hines and Joey Porter, I’m truly not concerned with the way they chose to conduct themselves,” Clark also told the Trib. “I play football for the Steelers organization and for Steeler Nation. I don’t live my life for the fans. I live my life for God, for my family, my friends and myself, and I’m going to conduct myself any way I want to according to those morals, according to those rights and wrongs.”

I just don’t know what to think, because you say that Ryan, yet, you and your teammates battled the Ravens in a similar fashion that Washington and Porter did during their days in Black and Gold.

The only thing we were missing was a defensive leader attempting to mix with a member of the Ravens.

The way things are going, we may never see that again.

What’s next, Ravens and Steelers getting together for a midafternoon tea?

Let’s hope not, because I, for one, like it the way it was back in the day — the Steelers hating the Ravens, who in turn hated the Steelers.

That’s a way a rivalry should work.

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