- Grove City, Pennsylvania

May 14, 2014

GC players cop net titles

Allied News Sports Staff

MERCER COUNTY AREA — The annual Tri-County Tennis Tournament was held on Saturday at Buhl Park with Greenville capturing the team title.

The Trojans notched 34 points, followed by Hickory, Grove City, Kennedy Catholic, Titusville and Sharon.

Ross Rosati (Hickory), Evan Sowers (Grove City), Trent McErlane (Greenville) and Connor Hamm (Greenville) were the singles champions.

Zack Walters-Alex Georg-escu (Hickory), Jacob ShillingSteven Shi (Grove City), Joseph Wizorek-Michael Wizorek (Greenville) and Pat Lamb-Maurice Blackwell (Greenville) won doubles titles.


At No. 1, Rosati defeated Dylan Cerroni of Sharon, 10-1, for the title. Rosati beat Nickolo Lima of Kennedy Catholic, 8-4, and Cerroni topped Seth Jaussen of Greenville, 8-5, in the semifinals.

At No. 2, Sowers notched a 10-3 victory over John Smaltz of Hickory for the crown. In the semis, Sowers beat Joey Safner of Greenville, 8-6, and Smaltz defeated Jesse Kirila of Kennedy, 8-3.

At No. 3 singles, McErlane edged Jacob Wilson of Kennedy Catholic, 10-7, for the championship. In the semifinals, McErlane beat Michael Funera of Hickory, 8-7(8-5) and Wilson knocked off Harland Kester of Titusville, 8-6.

At No. 4, Hamm posted a 10-3 victory over Austin Higgins of Kennedy Catholic for the title. Hamm defeated Hickory’s Mark Dzapo, 8-5, in the semifinals while Higgins had defeated Ben Southwick of Titusville, 8-6.


At No. 1, Walters-Georgescu beat Greenville’s David Jeffries and Jon Stapchuck, 10-8, for the crown. In the semifinals, the eventual champs won by default over Mariah McCurdy and Leah Pollard of Meadville while Jeffries and Stapchuck knocked off Devon Petit and Cameron Daugherty of Titusville, 8-4.

At No. 2, Shilling and Shi posted a 10-5 decision over Stephen Petrochko and Jeremy King of Hickory for the championship. In the semis, Shilling-Shi posted an 8-4 win over Jacob Schupp and Maxx Hudson of Kennedy Catholic while Petrochko and   King   won  by  default over Titusville’s Chase Upchurch and Ava Young.

At third doubles, the Wizoreks swept Hickory’s Evan Montgomery and Nick Brown, 10-0, for the crown. The Wizoreks won by default over Kennedy’s Higgins and Anthony Georgopoulos in the semis while Montgomery and Brown won by default over Alyssa Grove and Lucas Proper of Rocky Grove.

At No. 4, Lamb and Blackwell edged Mason Martin and Cullen Hamm of Greenville, 6-4, for the title. Lamb and Blackwell beat teammates Kyle O’Malley and Cody Eyon, 8-1, in the semifinals while Martin and Hamm had ousted Grove City’s Ryan Tannehill and Ryan Palmer, 6-4.

Notes: The event is sponsored by the Buhl Farm Park Tennis Program, under the direction of Sue McLaughlin.

Due to scheduling conflicts (the event was rained out earlier this season and rescheduled), Meadville, Oil City, Rocky Grove and Warren did not participate.

The event wrapped up the 2014 boys tennis season. No locals have advanced to the PIAA Championships at the Hershey Racquet Club in singles or doubles competition.