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July 10, 2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Here's some ideas on how to improve the All-Star Game

By Corey J. Corbin
Allied News Sports Columnist

OPINION — WITH THE MAJOR LEAGUE Baseball All-Star Game set for next Tuesday, a lot of debate has circled around the game.

Like everyone else, I have an opinion about the mid-summer classic -- follow the NHL’s lead and go U.S. vs. the World.

This should only be done for a season or two before reverting to the more conventional American League vs. National League, because if you stay with this format for too long, fans will lose interest just like interleague play.

I think it would be fun to see guys from South America and Asia going against the Americans a couple of times and would truly be an exhibition instead of the farce that Bud Selig and Co. have made it.

There’s no way that an all-star game should determine which league has home field advantage in the World Series.

Home field advantage should be determined by which team had the best record during the regular season -- or at least alternate between leagues.

This may be a radical idea, but if we’re going to copy other professional sports leagues, why not imitate the NFL and have a neutral city host the World Series.

That way the Series could be played over the course of 4 to 7 days and truly crown a true champion rather than the team with the best top-3 starters.

Oops, I’ve veered off topic and let’s go back to the All-Star game.

Another idea I have for the All-Star game is for the MLB to designate it’s retired greats as ‘captain’ or ‘general manager’ and allow them to select their own team of all-stars in a fantasy format.

That, too, would need to be done in moderation, so that the fans wouldn’t grow sick of the game.

I actually wouldn’t be opposed to a rotation of the traditional version of the all-star game, the U.S. vs. the World and the ‘fantasy’ teams.

This would allow the game to stay relevant and keep fans interested.

But if Selig and Co. want to honor tradition and keep it in its current format then they need to get rid of the every team gets a representative rule.

Trust me I understand the implications of this. There will be times when the Pirates aren’t represented in the All-Star game, but if a Pirate, Royal or Marlin doesn’t deserve to be there then they don’t get to go in the place of a more deserving player.

Or if every team has to be represented then make sure each team has just one player elected to represent his team and field teams with just 15 players.

That’d make selecting a team very interesting, so that there are enough pitchers to make it through a game but still field a reputable squad.

I doubt my ideas will ever gain any traction, but it’ll be fun to debate them.

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