- Grove City, Pennsylvania

November 25, 2012

District 10 All-Region soccer, volleyball teams listed

Allied News

MERCER COUNTY AREA — The following are the District 10 All-Region teams for soccer and volleyball by voting of coaches and compiled by the Erie Times-News.



1st team

Alan Rabold Mercer 12 GK

Jimmie D'Onofrio Kennedy 12 OFF

Will Juergens Mercer 12 OFF

Nathan Breese Mercer 12 OFF

Chase Hoffman Mercer 11 OFF

Tyler Bone Conneaut 11 OFF

Stephens Edge Kennedy 12 OFF

Erik Little Kennedy 12 DEF

Alex Shaffer Mercer 12 DEF

Zack Kroll Mercer 10 DEF

Mike Thomas Kennedy 11 DEF

2nd team

Gavin Cianci Kennedy Catholic 11 GK

Jaylyn Greene Kennedy 12 OFF

Trenton Fowler Mercer 11 OFF

Matt Juergens Mercer 10 OFF

Brandon Jackson Conneaut 12 OFF

Gerald Zachar Kennedy 11 OFF

Drew Grabigel Kennedy 12 OFF

Dominik Pfleger Kennedy 12 DEF

Nathan Kroll Mercer 10 DEF

Tyler Osbourne Comm. Perry 12 DEF

Thomas Mullen Conneaut 12 DEF

Region champion — Mercer

Region Player of the Year — Jimmie D'Onofrio, Kennedy Catholic



1st team

Vinnie Shaffer Sharon 12 GK

Logan Mooney Franklin 12 OFF

Cole McCandless Slipp. Rock 12 OFF

Jon Clark Wilmington 12 OFF

Marc Delio Wilmington 12 OFF

Nick Petrochko Hickory 12 OFF

Will Potter Grove City 12 OFF

Theodore Richards Franklin 11 OFF

Alex Boarts Grove City 12 OFF

Josh Seyler Franklin 11 DEF

Andrew Sciuto Wilmington 10 DEF

Luc LaChance Slippery Rock 11 DEF

Dylan Motta Grove City 12 DEF

Hunter Taylor Wilmington 12 DEF

2nd team

Donte Green Hickory 11 GK

Mark Cessar Slippery Rock 10 OFF

Matt Balczon Wilmington 10 OFF

Zack Walters Hickory 11 OFF

Matt Welker Grove City 12 OFF

Ty Mooney Franklin 10 OFF

Josh Nichols Sharon 12 OFF

Dexter Smith Franklin 11 DEF

Leo Rahn Sharon 12 DEF

Jacob Prelec Slippery Rock 11 DEF

Scott Phillips Hickory 12 DEF

Region champion — Wilmington

Region Player of the Year — Alex Boarts, Grove City




1st team

Analise Whenry Mercer 12 GK

Kyler Lum Wilmington 11 OFF

Monica Riggle Kennedy 12 OFF

Anna Benson Kennedy 12 OFF

Tawney Godfrey Kennedy 12 OFF

Megan McKinney Mercer 11 OFF

Anna Hartwell Wilmington 10 OFF

Mikaela Skiljo Sharon 12 OFF

Hannah Levitt Sharon 12 OFF

Natalie Henwood Sharpsville 12 DEF

Hannah Rauch Sharon 12 DEF

Lexie Arkwright Mercer 11 DEF

Alexis Mills Mercer 11 DEF

2nd team

Shelby McElhinny Kennedy 11 GK

Molly Stonebreaker W.Middlesex 11OFF

Rachel Hoff Wilmington 11 OFF

Aislinn Frazer Sharpsville 11 OFF

Kaitlynn Mostard-Smith Mercer 12 OFF

Hennessy Zolnier Kennedy 12 OFF

Kayla Ballard West Middlesex 11 OFF

Chandli Hasenplug Sharpsville 12 OFF

Sarah Slonaker Wilmington 12 DEF

Jillian Mickle Wilmington 11 DEF

Ashley Hall Sharpsville 11 DEF

Anna Bonomo Kennedy 12 DEF

Region champion — Mercer

Region co-Players of the Year — Analise Whenry, Mercer, and Kyler Lum, Wilmington


1st team

Sarah Bratek Meadville 12 GK

Raquel Huff Slippery Rock 12 GK

Kalie Davis Grove City 10 OFF

Mariah Treiber Grove City 11 OFF

Harley Boyd Slippery Rock 12 OFF

Ellie Holmgren Meadville 11 OFF

Faith Champion Titusville 12 OFF

Aubri McCoy Grove City 11 OFF

Moriah Williamson Grove City 12 DEF

Haley Angerett Slippery Rock 12 DEF

Michelle DeGerolamo Hickory 12 DEF

Aster Chmielewski Slipp. Rock 12 DEF

2nd team

Morgan McBride Hickory 11 GK

Abigail Magliocca Slipp. Rock 10 OFF

Olivia Chapman Oil City 11 OFF

Sara Suler Hickory 10 OFF

M.K. Bair Hickory 10 OFF

Jenny Dudek Slippery Rock 10 OFF

Frankie Mullen Meadville 12 OFF

Madison Bell Hickory 10 DEF

Abigail Frndak Meadville 11 DEF

Grace Champion Titusville 12 DEF

Gage Holmes Titusville 11 DEF

Region champion — Hickory

Region Player of the Year — Moriah Williamson, Grove City



First team

Paige Scurpa Sharpsville 12 OH

Kristen Scurpa Sharpsville 12 S

Katelyn Powell Comm. Perry 12 OH

Brie Dickson Kennedy Catholic 12 OH

Taylor Reed Lakeview 11 S

Allison Mild West Middlesex 12 S

Alex Ferrara Sharpsville 12 L

2nd team

Aerial Pratt West Middlesex 11 OH

Yasir Muhammad Kennedy 12 S

Madelyn Shuttleworth Sharps 12 FR

Megan Davis Sharpsville 11 OH

Alysia Jackson Farrell 11 OH

Kayla Hughes Reynolds 12 OH

Alex Ruediger Lakeview 12 L

Region champion — Sharpsville

Region Player of the Year — Kristen Scurpa, Sharpsville


1st team

Laura Hilliard Slippery Rock 12 MH

Blake Bocian Grove City 12 OH

Shaina Marini Greenville 12 MH

Kaitlin Miller Grove City 12 S

Taylor Stamm Slippery Rock 12 S

Anna Conner Mercer 12 MB

Carly Shearer Slippery Rock 11 OH

Abby Sotter Wilmington 12 OH

Megan Little Slippery Rock 12 L

2nd team

Cassidy Marett Wilmington 11 S

Heather Urbaniak Slipp. Rock 11 OH

Tessa Sikora Wilmington 11 MH

Heather Woods Mercer 12 S

Corianne Hyduchak Grove City 11 OH

Katie Gustas Hickory 9 MH

Hope Wilterdink Hickory 10 OH

Stephanie Risch Grove City 11 L

Region champion — Slippery Rock

Region Player of the Year — Laura Hilliard, Slippery Rock