- Grove City, Pennsylvania

January 23, 2013

STAIRWAY TO 7: Tough call on rooting during Super Bowl

By Corey J. Corbin
Allied News Sports Correspondent

OPINION — NOW THAT THE Super Bowl match-up is set, I find myself unsure of what to do.

I will watch the game, of course, with a nice cold Mountain Dew and some wings by my side, but my issue is who to root for.

By now, you’ve heard why Steelers fans are having a hard time picking a team to ‘root’ for in two weeks.

We have the hated Baltimore Ravens.

No expanation needed.

Then there are the 5-time Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers, who with one more championship would tie our beloved Black and Gold with the most titles.

Can I root for the 49ers knowing if they win the Steelers won’t have the distinction of being the only 6-time champ?

Or do I somehow overcome my intense hatred of Baltimore and root for them to solve Colin Kaepernick and San Francisco’s defense.

I also hate 49er coach Jim Harbaugh.

Decisions. Decisions.

I mean it’s tough.

Some Pittsburgh area media members are advising Pittsburgers to just watch the game and not root for one team or the other.

To me, that’s just unAmerican.

When watching sports, you have to pick a team and hope for them to win.

So with that in mind, I’ve spent a lot of quality time since Sunday evening trying to decide on which team I’m going to get behind on February 3.

And what I’ve come up with is I think I’m leaning towards San Francisco.

Notice, I said think, because there’s certainly enough time for me to change my mind.

But anyway, I’m going with the 49ers right now, because Joe Montana was one of my players back in the day and Kaepernick is a cool story to me.

I just can’t come to grips with fully rooting for Baltimore.

I think rooting for the Ravens would just eat away at my soul.

Besides if San Francisco wins, it just means they’re tied with the Steelers.

That’s easier to swallow than if they actually overtook the Black and Gold.

In the grand scheme of things, is picking San Francisco or Baltimore a big deal?

No, but it’s something many Western Pennsylvanians will be wrestling with over the next two weeks.

Either way, there’s no real good solution for we Steelers fans.

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