Mercer County Bureau of Elections is working on filling vacant poll worker slots countywide for the new term that begins this year and has one precinct – Grove City 3 – that is in somewhat of a desperate situation. All of the workers from the previous board retired and there have been no names added to the backup sheets in the precinct for years so there is no one to reach out to immediately for replacements.

The county is looking for four registered voters in the precinct who would be interested in assuming the positions of judge of elections (precinct supervisor), majority inspector, minority inspector or clerk. The commitment is two elections a year through 2021, as well as to attend a training class prior to each of those elections. Total annual commitment is about 35 hours. Base pay for judge is $105 for each election, while the other three get paid $100 for each election. Judges also get reimbursements for additional responsibilities. Training class pay is $30 ($20 for the class and $10 more as long as they work that election).

Please call Director of Elections Jeff Greenburg at 724-662-7542.

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