- Grove City, Pennsylvania

December 7, 2012

Rock council plans tax hike, gifts

By Monica Pryts/Staff Writer
Allied News

SLIPPERY ROCK — Slippery Rock council on Tuesday settled on a proposed budget for 2013 that includes a 2-mill property tax hike and slightly bigger contributions to three non-profits.

After an hour-and-a-half of studying certain line items, adding and subtracting, council members agreed to move some money around to up the funds for the Slippery Rock Community Library, Slippery Rock Volunteer Fire Company and Slippery Rock in Bloom.

They also agreed to stick with the property tax increase, which will bring enough extra revenue to hire a full-time patrolman --- something residents, business owners and council members have said is needed to ensure the best police protection.

The tentative spending plan for next year is about $1,064,640, roughly $40,000 more than the current budget because of the new patrolman that will be hired, said Jerry Heller, council member and chair of the budget and finance committee.

The 2012 budget was set to support three full-timers and 60 hours a week for part-timers; the 2013 plan will cover four full-timers and 40 hours a week for part-timers, he said, noting Jason Bennett recently resigned from his full-time post so they'll be looking for two full-timers.

Property taxes are expected to go from 19.875 to 21.875 mills. One mill brings the borough $19,509.

i had the millage number wrong in the last story; these are correct

The library, which is raising money for a new building, will get $3,000 from the borough, up from the $1,000 yearly contribution.

The fire department will get $23,000, which is about $1,200 more than what borough contributed this year.

They are also raising money for a new building but the funds from the borough cover general operating costs, said Ron Steele, council member and president of the fire company.

Council agreed to earmark $1,000 for Slippery Rock in Bloom, which is a newer group that works to beautify the borough, but they're still looking into whether it's legal to make such a donation.

Council also will allocate $5,000 to perform crack-sealing on certain roads next year in an effort to preserve them.

To come up with that $9,200, council moved around some other expenses.

They dropped solicitor fees by $3,000 and miscellaneous legal fees by $3,000, taking into consideration labor contracts that were settled this year, a project that requires extra legal assistance.

They took $2,000 from the park maintenance fund because roof and floor repair work at the recreation building was done in recent years and facility rental fees go back into the building.

Council moved $400 from materials and supplies and took $800 from the downtown repairs line item because Slippery Rock in Bloom has been doing similar work in that area.

Council President Dave Miller and council member Itzi Meztli were absent.

Council meets next at 7 p.m. Tuesday, when they'll be voting to advertise the proposed budget.

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