- Grove City, Pennsylvania

November 26, 2013

Council approves new fire dept. plans

By Monica Pryts/Staff Writer
Allied News

SLIPPERY ROCK — Slippery Rock council members on Tuesday approved the land development plan for the Slippery Rock Volunteer Fire Company and Rescue Team’s new facility.

Ron Steele abstained because he is the fire company’s president.

Other council members questioned whether the fire company would still consider adding a pole with a flashing light on a mast arm near the station that would activate during an emergency call to warn motorists when the fire trucks or ambulances are heading out.

PennDOT does not require that kind of specialized signal, which would cost between $10,000 and $30,000, depending on the size, Steele said, adding the vehicles’ red lights come on before they even leave the building.

There’s nothing in the land development plan that indicates such a signal is needed, like a large number of traffic accidents at that intersection, New Castle and Elm streets, said Neva Stanger, borough solicitor.

The new plans already include flashing lights on signs near the station that will be activated when needed, and council members agreed the more expensive signals are unnecessary.

The project will be done in three phases and the $2.5 million cost will be covered by a loan, fundraisers and donations. A construction timeline has yet to be determined and the new station will be built on an empty lot facing New Castle behind the current structure.

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