- Grove City, Pennsylvania

November 26, 2013

Council accepts trash panel ideas

By Monica Pryts/Staff Writer
Allied News

SLIPPERY ROCK — Slippery Rock council members on Tuesday agreed to accept the Solid Waste/Recycling Committee’s list of recommendations but they have yet to actually approve or act on any of the suggestions.

“We need to sit down with Tri-County,” council member Ron Steele said of council’s next move.

He and council member Itzi Meztli, as well as council Vice President Christy Tichy, in her role as chair of the committee, have said they want the spring bulk trash pickup date moved from March back to May, the main issue at the center of the committee’s charges.

Council in September 2012 approved a new, three-year contract with Tri-County Industries, choosing the March date in part to save the borough $90,000 because less bulk trash would be picked up.

In addition to the date change, the committee at its Oct. 16 meeting also recommended council cover the extra cost of the date change by taking $1.50 out of the $3 service charge in each customer’s bill; request a legal interpretation of Butler County’s solid waste ordinance prohibiting unlimited trash services from being bid out; and have better communication with the public about garbage information, especially through the borough website.

When Steele previously served on council years ago, that $3 charge was added so property taxes wouldn’t go up, he said. He doesn’t want to take the $1.50 out of that $3.

Several other council members agreed they’d like to meet with someone from Tri-County, preferably general manager Jerry Bowser.

The borough still has a contract with Tri-County, and council needs to see if it can be revised, council member Jerry Heller said.

It will take some more time for council to gather the necessary information from Tri-County; they’re not ready to change the date without knowing about the exact costs and how those costs would be covered, council President Dave Miller said.

Council thanked committee members for their work and officially discharged them of their duties.

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