- Grove City, Pennsylvania

May 17, 2013

Joden wins Vegas cover with vintage coral jewelry

By Felicia A. Petro/Senior Reporter
Allied News

GROVE CITY — Joden Jewelers in downtown Grove City is making headlines among its peers -- again.

A photo of a vintage Joden ring was selected for the program cover of the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry and Watch Show, which will be held May 30 to June 2.

The Vegas show is the largest of two trade shows for antiques. It's strictly for jewelry while the second largest trade show, held annually in Miami, features other antiques as well, explained Joden owner Joe Murawski.

Much of the jewelry at the Vegas show was created between 1860 and 1935, he noted.

"This piece chosen for the (program) is a prestigious thing, because a lot of people are trying to get it," he said. "Because of this, retailers will come and look us up."

There are 400 dealers from around the world who submit photos of their exquisite gems for consideration "and ours was chosen," added Mary Noel, who does the advertising for Joden. "It's a great honor."

She submitted about 60 photos for consideration for the program cover. Joden has its own award-winning brochure that features photos of its jewelry, so there were numerous pictures to choose from.

"I kept being persistent," which paid off, Noel said. "We're very proud."

The cover featuring Joden's ring will also be used in jewelry advertising campaigns in print and online that will reach a world-wide audience, as well as on billboards and sides of buses in Vegas, Murawski added. "For us, it's very expensive, free advertising." 

Joden has taken part in the show since it began nearly 20 years ago. The first two days of the show involve dealers buying and selling merchandise among themselves, then three days set aside for retailers to shop.

"This is restricted to people who are a jewelry dealer or retailer," Murawski noted.

Joden is known for its Victorian estate jewelry and primarily sells to dealers in 25 states, as well as in England and France. It also trades with some dealers in Germany, Holland and the Netherlands, Murawski added.

Among its specialties is antique jewelry created by Carlo Giuliano, a famous jeweler to Queen Victoria.

"He was the Michaelangelo of all jewelers that ever lived," Murawski said.

Pieces by Giuliano are so rare in the U.S. that Joden is the only store that features them at the Vegas show.

"There may be one piece, and it's almost always from England," Murawski said, since the jeweler is well known in England. The largest collection of legendary Giuliano work is at the Victoria Albert Museum in London.

Joden has 20 Giuliano-made pieces of jewelry - the largest collection in the U.S. - which Murawski obtained through his contacts around the world, he added.

Joden possesses a bracelet Giuliano made for Queen Victoria that was featured on the Vegas program cover two years ago.

This year's front cover is a 1925 American-made Art Deco ring that had been sold after being photographed, Murawski noted.

The white gold, filigree ring has a deep-sea coral centerpiece surrounded by micro-pearls and green enamel. "The coral is a rich-red coral," which matched the red color of the program, Murawski said. "There are not many (jewelry) pieces you can put to a red color."

Unlike Queen Victoria's bracelet, worth about $200,000, "The ring is probably $2,000, but very stylish and very authentic," Murawski said.

Murawski was 19 when he started his business in 1970; he grew up under the tutelage of his father, Adam Murawski, a renowned bench jeweler. The name Joden was coined by Murawski's first name and that of his partner, Dennis, who left the business after four years. Its official name is Joden World Resources.

He jokes that his business is least known in Grove City, where his shop is located at 144 S. Broad St., but "Beverly Hills and 47th street in New York City know who we are," he said.

The store also features modern pieces which are either bought or created. "If you gave me an hour, I can show you that we have very fine pieces," Murawski said.

The store has been featured in numerous jewelry publications throughout its 43 years of business.

Last year, Joden won the national Jewelers Choice Awards' "Best Necklace Over $10,000" for a piece designed with a large opal centerpiece with pink diamonds and enamel.

To learn more, visit or call 724-458-6655.

Published May 4, 2013, in Allied News. Pick up a copy at 201 A Erie St., Grove City.