- Grove City, Pennsylvania

May 2, 2014

Dog park held back by cost

Council seeks next jr. members

By Monica Pryts/Staff Writer
Allied News

GROVE CITY — The Grove City borough council junior members had been hoping to finalize plans for a dog park, but it appears to be more expensive than anticipated.

Samuel Archibald reported to council on Monday that he learned liability insurance for the dog park will cost the borough $1,000 a year.

He and fellow junior council person, Steven Shi, who wasn't present Monday night, researched everything with councilor Dr. Michael Coulter, head of the parks and recreation committee.

It might not be wise to proceed at this point, they said, with Coulter adding they considered budget difficulties the borough had last year, and the fact that council had been interested in the dog park - provided there was not a "significant cost."

Council member Joel Bigley said he expects there to be some "manpower issues" that will need addressed later this year come budget time, and he'd like to see that $1,000 put to the best possible use.

But the junior council members and Coulter did a "fantastic job" with the legwork on plans for the dog park, and it can always be pursued at another time, he said.

Council President George Pokrant noted there would also be the cost of maintenance and cleanup in addition to the insurance coverage. "It's not an extraordinary expense, but it's an expense," he said.

The off-leash dog park was being considered for an area along Greenwood Drive across from the playground.

Archibald ended his report by saying Monday was his last council meeting; he's leaving for a course in the United Kingdom and will start classes in the fall at Grove City College.

"It's been really helpful and I've learned a lot," the Grove City High School senior said of his time with council.

He's gained a better understanding of public service and has a better opinion of pubic servants, and he may even consider serving in public office someday.

Archibald was happy to share Shi's news - he will be attending Brown University in the fall.

Council is on the lookout for its next two junior council members. They must be borough residents entering their junior or senior year of high school for the 2014-15 school year.

Anyone who is interested can contact the borough building at 724-458-7060.

Published April 23, 2014, in Allied News. Pick up a copy at 201 A Erie St., Grove City.