- Grove City, Pennsylvania

October 10, 2012

Rock gets new police chief

By Monica Pryts/Staff Writer
Allied News

SLIPPERY ROCK — Terry Fedokovitz received a round of applause Tuesday night after Slippery Rock council unanimously approved hiring him as the borough's new police chief.

He thanked them as he excused himself to return to his shift after council members enthusiastically agreed to appoint him during a roll-call vote.

"Definitely," Ron Steele said when asked for his vote.

Fedokovitz, who's been with the department since 2006, starts the new post Sunday, replacing Lt. Brian Hoak, who's been acting police chief since late 2010, when then-chief Terry Brown was put on administrative leave.

Brown was fired Dec. 7, 2010, by council after an Oct. 7, 2010, incident during the police department's annual firearms qualifying session led by Brown.

Fedokovitz, 37, of Mercer Township, joined the department as a part-time patrolman and became full time in 2008, and he's excited to start his new position.

"This was so spontaneous," he said after the meeting, referring to his recent decision to apply for the job.

He doesn't have any big plans yet for becoming the next leader of the department, which includes two other full-timers and two part-timers, but he looks forward to doing what he loves: learning more and helping people.

"I'm kind of one those life-learning type of guys," Fedokovitz said. "I'm very energetic and always willing to learn."

A Butler High School graduate, his higher education started at Pittsburgh Technical Institute, where he studied graphic design; he's still interested in different art media.

He soon moved on to Butler County Community College, earning a degree in criminal justice. His interest in law enforcement came from his father, who worked at the prison in Butler County, and his mother, who worked for the city of Butler. Fedokovitz has also worked as a patrolman for BC3 and the borough of East Brady. He describes himself as modest when asked what expertise he brings to the chief position, saying he enjoys being able to serve others.

"I enjoy helping people more than I do arresting them. I'm just a simple person," he said. He's also a family man; he and wife Brenda have two young sons and their family attends North Liberty Presbyterian Church.

Fedokovitz had already spoken to one of his mentors, former Slippery Rock police chief Fred Emigh, to share the good news. "He was pretty excited and proud," he said, adding he also admires Scott Richardson, who was in charge of the BC3 police department when he worked there. Fedokovitz's annual salary is still undetermined.

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