- Grove City, Pennsylvania

June 15, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Allied News

GROVE CITY — **Note that where e-mail addresses are listed, the "@" symbol has been replaced with "(at)" for security purposes. When sending an e-mail, make sure you type the "@" symbol to ensure we receive your message.**

General Questions:

1. How often is Allied News published? Allied News is a twice-weekly paper, published Wednesday and Saturday.

2. What are your deadlines? Classified line ads -- such as for garage sales, apartments for rent, articles for sale, etc. -- must be paid by 4 p.m. Monday for Wednesday and by 4 p.m. Thursday for Saturday. Display ads -- commonly called retail ads, or those with artwork and typically enclosed in a box -- are due by 10 a.m. Friday for the following Wednesday, and by 10 a.m. Thursday for Saturday. Obituaries must be submitted by 8 a.m. Tuesday for Wednesday, and by 8 a.m. Friday for Saturday. Sports and news items should generally be submitted by 2 p.m. Monday for Wednesday and by 5 p.m. Thursday for Saturday, although many specific kinds of items have specific deadline requirements. Please scroll down through the questions if you need the deadline for a specific item.

Subscription Questions:

1. Does Allied News have a circulation department? Not at this time. Our department has been combined with that of The Herald, our sister paper in Sharon, Pa. The most direct way to get answers to questions about subscriptions is to call The Herald at 724-981-6100 or toll-free 800-981-1692, ask for circulation, and tell the representative you are calling about your Allied News. Please make sure to always specify that you are calling regarding your Allied News, or the representative will assume you are calling about The Herald.

2. How do I subscribe to Allied News? The most direct way is to call The Herald, following the guidelines in question 1, and ask to receive Allied News. The representative can determine, based upon your street address, how you will receive your paper -- whether by mail or by carrier -- and how much it will cost. Frequently, we publish a coupon that you can cut out, fill out and mail to us with a check to start a subscription. Or, call or stop in at Allied News and we will take down your information.

3. I am a subscriber and did not receive my paper. What should I do? Please immediately call The Herald, as in question 1, and specify that you did not receive your Allied News. (Note that our young carriers in the borough of Grove City have until 6 p.m. to deliver the paper on Wednesdays; in the summer, you may get your paper earlier than you do during the school year.) If it is convenient for you, please stop in our office and tell us that you didn't receive your paper, and you may pick one up for free. If it is inconvenient for you to stop in, please tell the representative at The Herald, who can then arrange for someone to deliver a paper to you. Please always call the circulation department at The Herald first, though, as the representative there can look up your account to determine whether there is a problem with it.

4. I am going on vacation. Can you hold my paper while I'm away? Yes. Please call The Herald, as in question 1, and inform the representative of the dates you would like your Allied News stopped and resumed. If your trip is open-ended, simply call The Herald when you return home to resume receiving the paper.

5. I am headed to a warmer location for winter. Can I have my paper mailed to me there? Yes. Please call The Herald, as in question 1, and provide the representative with your current address, as well as the address where you would like the paper rerouted, and how long you would like it sent there. Please call again when you return -- or in advance of your return -- with the date you would like to resume having it sent to your primary residence.

6. Can I read the entire paper online at your website? Our website is intended to give readers highlights from our publication, which means that only selected items from the paper are published online. If you wish to read the entire paper, you may subscribe to receive the paper by mail or carrier, depending upon your location. We do not sell digital copies of our paper at this time.

Advertising Questions:

1. What is the average cost of a classified ad? Classified ads vary in price, so there is no "average cost" to quote for you. Ads are priced per line, and this cost varies depending upon whether the ad is for an individual or for a commercial business, how many lines your ad takes up, and how many days you would like to run the ad. The best -- and only -- way to determine how much your ad will cost is to either call or come in to the office and have the classified representative type up the ad for you. If your ad comes to a cost that is prohibitive for you, you can work with the representative to reword the ad and thus reduce the number of lines it takes up, or you can opt not to place the ad. Keep in mind that just because we input the ad for you, it doesn't mean it must be published.

Please note Allied News no longer has a classified representative at its office. All Allied News classified ads must go through The Herald's classified department. Payment can be made over the phone with a credit card or you can pay in person at the Allied News office and the payment will be sent to The Herald.

2. What information do you need from me in order to place a classified ad? Prior to placing your ad, you will need to provide the classified representative with your name, address and phone number. This information will not be published or provided to anyone else; it is for our records only. The phone number you give us should be your direct line; you may put another contact number in the text of your ad if you wish.

3. Do I have to pay for my ad up front or can you bill me? All ads must be pre-paid prior to publication. If we do not receive payment prior to the deadlines listed above, your ad will not be published.

4. Can I place a classified ad online? Not at this time. Please call The Herald and ask for classified and make sure to specify you're calling to place an ad in Allied News.

5. Can I view Allied News' classified ads online? Not at this time. Please pick up a copy of the paper to view the latest classified ads.

6. How do I place a display ad for my business? Please contact our retail advertising department at 724-458-5010 for current pricing, sizes, specials and other information.

Editorial Questions:

1. How do I submit a birth announcement, first birthday or milestone birthday? Visit our "Submit Announcement" page, print out the appropriate form and either mail it, fax it or drop it off at our office. Follow the specific instructions listed on the form; each form lists the appropriate deadline and publication information for that item. You can also email the information to along with a photo, but make sure to include the text in the body of the email rather than emailing it as an attachment. You may also mail or drop off a photo. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish for us to mail your photo back to you.

2. How do I submit an engagement, wedding or anniversary announcement? See the instructions listed in question 1.

3. How do I submit a press release? We prefer to receive press releases by e-mail, but the text must be in the body of the e-mail. We cannot open attached documents. Press releases with attached documents may not be read, and thus may not be published. Please either copy and paste or simply type the pertinent information into the body of an e-mail (where you type your message) and send it to Please clearly identify your local connection -- i.e. "Mercer Boy Scout achieves Eagle Scout rank" or "Lakeview native drafted to NFL team" -- in the subject line. Non-local items will likely not be published. Alternatively, you may mail a press release to us at P.O. Box 190, Grove City, PA 16127; fax it to 724-458-1609; or drop it off at our office. Submitted items will be published as space permits and at Allied News' discretion, and will be edited for content, length, grammar and style at the staff's discretion.

4. Under what circumstances should I submit a press release? If you are an individual, non-profit group or organization, or a business that has accomplished something unusual or interesting, you may write up a short "blurb" about your accomplishment for us; 500 words or fewer is ideal. You may also submit a photo to accompany this kind of press release. If you are an individual, non-profit group or non-profit organization and are planning a free community event or a fundraiser for an individual or non-profit cause, we can also announce this for you for free. Such items should be limited to as few words as possible, with only the most important details: Time, date, place, significance of the event, how to obtain tickets and the cost, and a few interesting details that might entice readers to attend. Also, please include a contact phone number in case the reader wants more information.

Businesses wishing to announce new hires or significant accomplishments may submit brief press releases with photos, if desired, for free publication on our business page as space permits; however, those wishing to advertise special deals or promotions, sales and events should contact our advertising department to place a paid ad. We do not make this kind of announcement for free.

5. How far in advance should I submit something for publication? For Community page announcements -- such as engagements, first birthdays, etc. -- please follow the information listed on the form. For a press release about an event, generally it's a good idea to submit it 2 weeks prior to the event. The further in advance you submit it, the better chance it has to be published more than once.  Items submitted too near the date of the event may be published only once or not at all. For general press releases about news or accomplishments, please strive to submit them as soon as possible after the event happened in order to maintain the timeliness of the announcement. For specific instances, please call Allied News.

6. I submitted something for publication on XXX date. Why hasn't my announcement or press release been published yet? Any announcement that is submitted for free is subject to publication as space permits. If you submitted your announcement too far in advance, other announcements may be more timely and need to be published first; if you submitted your announcement too close to an event, we may not have been able to publish it in time. Some items -- such as the Business, Agriculture and Education pages -- are published only periodically, and we may not yet have enough information to publish such a page. Please keep checking. We may also have not received your announcement; please e-mail or call if you think that may be the case, and we will check.

7. Can I send a letter to the editor by e-mail? No. We do not accept letters to the editor by e-mail or in any other digital format, but as hard copy only, with the author's full name, address and phone number clearly printed for verification. See question 8 for specific guidelines for how to submit a letter to the editor.

8. What are your requirements for letters to the editor? Our policy for opinion pieces follows:

9. How should I submit an obituary to Allied News? Allied News prefers to receive obituaries directly from the funeral home, crematory or other professional that handled the arrangements. Whether or not you live in Allied News' coverage area, please notify the funeral director that you would like your loved one's obituary forwarded to Allied News. We accept them by e-mail at obits(at), provided the text is typed directly into the body of the e-mail, where the message is typically typed; and by fax at 724-458-1609. A photo of your loved one may be attached to an e-mail, but do not attach a document, as we cannot open them.

Under some circumstances, Allied News will also accept obituaries from relatives or friends of decedents from out of the area. In such instances, we must have the name, complete address and phone number of the funeral home or other entity that handled the arrangements in order to verify the information you provide. We will not publish obituaries submitted in this fashion without this information. To submit an obituary, you may mail a copy of an obituary published elsewhere, or you may fill out our Obituary form on the "Submit Announcement" page.

10. Does it cost to have a/an (insert "engagement," "wedding," "anniversary," "birth announcement," "first birthday," "milestone birthday," "press release" here) published in Allied News? Allied News does not charge for any of these at this time. If you wish to have your item published on specific dates, you will need to pay to take out a classified or display ad. Otherwise, any editorial content is published for free, at our discretion, and as space permits.

As of March 1, 2013, there is a charge for obituaries. The flat fee is $125 and the cost could go up from there, depending on the length of the obituary. The fee is discounted if the obituary is published in The Herald and Allied News. Please call to confirm we received your faxed or emailed obituary and to notify us if you want your obituary to run in Allied News in addition to The Herald.

11. How do I get a reporter and/or photographer to cover my event? While most people would love for us to cover every event in our coverage area, it is simply not possible. We rely on "citizen photographers" to take pictures at their own events, and submit them with all the relevant information. You can e-mail photos at any time to news(at), with the appropriate information and your contact information typed clearly into the e-mail message. We will not accept information if it is attached as a Word or other document, or if it is sent anonymously. If you feel your event is particularly newsworthy -- if it is in some way unique, controversial or timely -- you may call 724-458-5010, ask for the newsroom, and explain your event's significance. We will then determine whether it is possible to send someone to the event. It is still a good idea to take your own photos and submit them with the information, in case we are not able to attend.

Other Questions:

My question isn't addressed here. Now what? Please give us a call. Ask for the newsroom or advertising, depending on your question.