- Grove City, Pennsylvania

August 5, 2011

Allied News contact information

Allied News

— To communicate with Allied News for any reason except subscription issues or classified ads, please refer to the contact information listed below. If you have a question about your subscription or would like to place a classified ad, please call The Herald in Sharon, Pa. -- which manages all Allied News subscriptions and classified ads -- at 724-981-6100 or toll-free 800-981-1692.

Mailing address:

Allied News

P.O. Box 190

Grove City, PA 16127
Physical address:

Allied News

201 A Erie St.

Grove City, PA 16127








Allied News Staff:

Newsroom Advertising

Sharon A. Sorg.....Publisher

Kim Curry.....Editor

Felicia A. Petro.....Senior Reporter

Monica Pryts......Staff Writer

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Laurie Doyle.....Advertising Sales Director

Chris Guarnieri.....Advertising Sales Representative

Darian Murray.....Advertising Sales Representative