- Grove City, Pennsylvania

November 9, 2011

'Knight of the Gun' draws local

By Mary Jane Egger/Allied News Correspondent
Allied News

JACKSON CENTER — Rod Bish's quick draw action as well as his distinctive mustache made him perfect for a part in a Western set to be released in 2012.

The Jackson Center area man in late October portrayed a territorial governor and crooked politician in 'Knight of the Gun,' being made in New Canton, Va.

A member of Old Dominion Fast Draw Club in Roanoke, Rod received an invitation for an open casting call. The club holds competitive fast draw shoots, timed with a computer, using wax bullets for safety. Being able to quickly draw his gun was a great asset in getting the casting call for the 1885 era movie, he said.

At about 9 one evening, the producer gave Rod his lines to learn for the next morning's 9 a.m. call to begin shooting the film for the day.

A veteran heavy equipment operator for PennDOT, Mercer District, Rod has had his famous cowboy-look moustache for 40 years.

A few decades ago, he even spent a summer on a Wyoming cattle ranch where he rode horses, branded calves, checked fences and moved cattle, including three bulls, from one end of the ranch to the other.

Rod's lovely wife Bonnie accompanied him to Virginia to watch him act.

Rod said the movie-making experience was fun and very educational, noting the five and a half to six hours he was in full sunlight for the shoot will probably produce a five-minute scene in the movie -- set to be completed next spring or summer.

He may also be given the opportunity to play another character as the movie script evolves.

Folks can watch the trailer of 'Knight of the Gun,' on; it will eventually be on YouTube, he said.

Published Nov. 5, 2011 in Allied News. Pick up a copy at 201A Erie St., Grove City.