- Grove City, Pennsylvania

July 25, 2012

Harrisville Community Day thank yous extended

By Brenda McCoy/Allied News Correspondent
Allied News

HARRISVILLE — Though it was a very hot day for the Harrisville Community Day on July 4, the parade was a great success.

I want to thank all who participated. And a big thank you goes to Joe Lowers for helping me with the parade, and thank you to L.D. Williams for putting on the signs for the cars.

Thank you to Troy Allen Chevrolet for bringing three cars up from Slippery Rock for us to use. Chad and Heather Krenn did an awesome job doing the pet parade.

Thanks to Russ Dunlap for setting up the tractors for the parade and displaying them at the park.

My very small committee did a great job on the Chinese auction thanks to LD. and Amanda Williams. Thank you to Michelle Adams for making the picture display for everyone to see. I think Zambelli Fireworks did a great job.

I can still hear the people clapping and cheering in the field where everyone was watching them.

The only sad thing was we could not find anyone to park cars this year.

I want to thank all the business for their donations.

Thank you to Dave and Carolyn Carr and to Gary Hughes for the pictures of the town way back in the old days.

Thank you Bob Barnes for selling candy bars.

Thanks to all for making it a big success.

We are done for another year.

If anyone wants to take over the event for next year, please let me know or call the borough building and let them know.

Feed My Sheep statistics for June:

Families 162                                   

New   4

Adults  245                                   

SR Area  96

Children  154                                   

SR Borough  45

Elderly  55                                

Harrisville  18

Forestville 3

Items needed for August: cereal

Council meets

Harrisville Council met on July 2, some of the following was discussed, weight limits going up on some streets, and it will not affect any businesses getting deliveries.

Dollar General wants to tap into the sewage so the opening is being pushed back to the end of July to first week in August. I will let you know when the opening will be when I am told. Also discussed was putting signs up on the pavilions and anyone wanting to their name, a loved one or even a business on the sign can do so for $50 each for a spot on the sign, this is to raise money for the park to get in flush toilets, which will cost around $80,000.

On the sign, the names will be there forever. If you have any questions please talk to anyone on town council.

Once we get everything organized on this project then you will be notified in the newsletter of when and who to get in touch with.

■ Harmony United Presbyterian Church has a new website: In addition, they have a new fax number, which is 724-735-6111

■ Do not forget: if you want to sell stuff, call Alan Weber at 724-992-4112. He is down the street from Sheetz across from Jamison Funeral Home.

He has a whole lot of stuff to sell and will help you sell your stuff as well; he will sell you space for $5 a day or $10 for Friday through Sunday.

To share news in Harrisville, Barkeyville and Clintonville, call 724-967-4440 or email

Published July 11, 2012, in Allied News. Pick up a copy at 201 A Erie St., Grove City