- Grove City, Pennsylvania

December 13, 2011

2nd-place glorified rice a family favorite

By Monica Pryts/CNHI Staff Writer

HARRISVILLE — Lucinda "Cindy" Kennedy remembers learning to cook and bake with her grandmothers and mother like it was yesterday.

"This was my maternal grandmother's recipe," the Harrisville woman said as she described glorified rice, a creamy dish dotted with maraschino cherries and crushed pineapple.

Ms. Kennedy, a semi-retired nurse, came in second place in the miscellaneous desserts category for The Herald's Holiday Recipe Contest.

She comes from a family big on desserts. Her mother, Eleanor Kennedy Jones, would plan meals around the dessert as the centerpiece and her paternal grandmother, Effie Kennedy, was known for her plum pudding.

Ms. Kennedy jumped at the chance to share the glorified rice recipe, a dish made special by her maternal grandmother E. Pearl Ketler and often requested at holiday and family gatherings.

Don't let the name fool you, she said of people's reactions to a dessert with rice.

"It's light and fluffy," she said, adding it's meant to be served cold.

She lived in Eau Claire for a short time as a teenager with her grandmother when she learned to make the dessert, a recipe she figures is at least 50 years old. Mrs. Ketler's Sunday school class would visit their home right before Christmas, looking forward to glorified rice.

"It's easy to make and it tastes good," Ms. Kennedy said.

Glorified rice takes about 20 minutes and starts with cooked, long-grain white rice that's been cooled. Combine the rice with the sugar, pineapple, vanilla, marshmallows, cherries and whipped cream and garnish with a few cherries.

Ms. Kennedy believes the recipe came from the Butler Eagle newspaper and she's never felt the need to change it. It's simple to double and there are never any leftovers, she said.

"You can't make a mistake," she said.

Published Dec. 7, 2010 in Allied News. Pick up a copy at 201A Erie St., Grove City.